A downloadable game

Xenomorfism also has an experience system to Build GI Alonso and get better weapons and more strength.

Free license; use it and modify as Public dominium Software, so no license use is required. Enjoy, modify or experiment as you want.

Get ready for Xenomorfism. Only for Amstrad CPC

  1. Description:
    1. Xenomorfism is a Mini Survival Horror with a little rol play and use of your memory to solve it. Also is an Action Game with a very important use of sound.
    2. You Have to put 3 bombs in 3 places with beacons. You have a GPS and you Have to find it (but you don't have the clues of where are this points, so you have to use your memory to recognize the base). And when you activate the bombs find the exit and scape.
    3. Beside, you have a experience and it grows and helps you with your player (GI Alonso). The more you grow better skills you can achieve.
  2. How to play.
    1. Q Up, A Down, O left and P Right. Space: Fire. Check the GPS in order to Know where you are.
    2. The game is designed to play and enjoy with real  CPC´s machines and it is how you can experiment the real power and the flow of the game (check the ScreenShoots of green screen).
  3. Authors and licenses.
    1. Dj Caye (MySelf) is the Author and coder. I have use 8bp as a RSX Library. There is no license. Feel free to download, experiment with the code and whatever you want.
  4. Gesture. I think that use a Rainbow Island Gesture is very forced in a Survival Horror and Rol Game (in 8 bits!!) so I decided not to use, even knowing that penalice me with less points. I think is a betrayal for the spirit of the game.

    Hope You Like It. Is a new concept in CPC´s game and dares you to think (in a survival and action Packed game) and  challenge you as a 8 Bit and Retro Gamer. 

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
TagsExploration, memory, rol-game, Singleplayer, Space, Survival Horror
Average sessionDays or more

Install instructions

-wav version for Amstrad CPC:  Just record in a tape a load with run"" or connect to audio source (computer, iPod, phone..) and load with run"". Tested with amstrad cpc 464
-dsk version: load with run"loader.   (tested with winApe and RVM).

-cdt version: load with run"" (tested with winApe and RVM).

- Zip with sources, all libraries and instructions (Spanish and English).

Hope you like it.


Xenomorfism wav version for Amstrad CPC 4 MB
xenomorfism complete (sources and instructions).zip 1 MB
xenomorfism_sc.dsk 190 kB
xenomorfism_sc.cdt 48 kB


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Gran juego, dcaye!

Lo he probado y me ha molado. 

El único pero, tal vez, es que no tenga disparo multidireccional, como el Alien Syndrome.

Hey!!!! Mil gracias. Si tiene disparo multidireccional si llegas al nivel de experiencia 2 (es que la gracia del juego es que tiene un componente rolero curioso),


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Amstrad CPC Game develop by DjCaye. Programmed in Locomotive BASIC + 8bp. Coming SOON

Deseando verlo!!!

jejejej, a contrarreloj voy!!!! Pero está quedando muy chulo!!!